About Rich and Colin

Rich is from Long Island, but he tells everyone that he’s from Brooklyn. He’s not from Brooklyn. He just lives there. That’s why he prefers the company of Jews to Gentiles. For some reason, "Jews" sounds worse than “Jewish people.”

He has a great deal of titanium in his body because he made the mistake of going to the beach in New Jersey once and broke his hip. The ocean there is probably all juiced up with steroids. He really should have known that when he wants to go to the beach, all he has to do is fly to Miami to visit his oldest and dearest pal, Colin, with whom he roomed in college at the simultaneously over and underrated Tufts University. He majored in, like, something really liberal. Maybe Communism. Yes, that was it. And he had a minor in Political Justice Peace Equality Fairness Womyn’s Studies. He is also an attorney. Unlike everyone else who went to Tufts.

He spends his free time yelling at the top of his lungs about all kinds of stuff. Sometimes it’s about something really important, like pizza sauce (pronounced “sowss”), and other times it’s about trivial things like partisan politics and the Mets.

He also goes by the name Sleepasaurus.

Colin is from Albany, but he tells everyone he's from Miami.  He is not from Miami.  He just lives there, though no one would believe that based on the color of his skin (it's just pale people, relax!).

Colin's full name is Colin Patrick O'Higgins, and when you say it out loud he is required (by the laws of God and men) to dance an Irish Jig (you don't want to know what happens if you say his full name in a dark bathroom alone).  He is, however, to the dismay of many, only 1/4 Irish.  The other three quarters are equally divided among English, Italian and Cuban, which must be why he is such a confused individual.

He speaks many languages, as well, including English, Spanish and French fluently, but also passable Russian and Italian and throw in a bit of Mandarin, Arabic, Portugese, Elvish and Aramaic for good measure.  This is just all in case he feels the need to impress someone upon his travels or just to cover all bases if he ever gets lost in New York City visiting his bestest buddy Rich.

No one is really sure what Colin does - he makes t-shirts, works in investments, manages careers, sells insurance, plays golf and writes for blogs.  With such a diverse background and varied language skills, Colin would have made a great spy for the C.I.aa..ah, was I not supposed to say that????