Sunday, April 6, 2014

Recap: Game of Thrones (Season 3)

by richmin3000

as we embark on a new season of game of thrones, it's probably a good idea to spend a few (25)minutes recapping what happened in season 3 just in case you forgot where arya, tyrion, cersei, jon, dany and the rest were at the end of last season.

don't forget that i'll be reviewing every episode this year using our new power rankings format!


  1. What will happen with Sansa? Fans have been hoping she escapes by the end of the "Game of Thrones" Season 5 finale and it looks like she'll be risking her life to save herself in "Mother's Mercy." Brienne and Podrick have been waiting near Winterfell for a sign and could play a role in her escape. Stannis sacrificed his daughter to the Lord of Light and he will be marching to Winterfell in "Mother's Mercy." There could be a big siege or a lot of interest smaller moments that will could lead to more deaths or Sansa meeting up with Stannis. In regards to the Boltons, will Ramsay survive this season? If he's killed, will it be at the hand of Sansa or will Reek/Theon redeem himself?

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  2. The "Game of Thrones" vividly details the fight that noble families had with each other in an attempt to take control of the Iron Throne. From snow and ice that made things extremely difficult all the way to violent battles, this TV show definitely doesn't hold back in showing every single bit of detail. This all leads to helping viewers see what it's like to lack a particular power in society and each episode ensures that it's built to show this each and every time without taking a lot of thinking in order to understand it. game of thrones

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