Friday, August 23, 2013

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 24)

Rich and Colin would like to welcome Dan Noffsinger to the No Hyperbole Allowed podcast.

Dan is the Assistant Director of Pro Scouting for the Miami Marlins so we spend the entire episode discussing baseball and other things Colin hates and Rich loves.  So if you want to hear Colin bored out of his mind you're going to love this episode.

No time stamps this week since it's all baseball all the time!  It's time for Episode 24!!!!

****Editor's Note:  This podcast was recorded in or around March 2013, during Spring Training so some comments may be a little dated****


  1. This was a first for me. So Rich talks and Colin shuts his hole. Nice show, I love it! I had no idea you were such a baseball weenie Rich.

  2. Dudes, that's like some enterprise level Captcha ya'll got goin' on. Took me 4 attempts at the text and 2 more with Diane Rehm.