Monday, August 20, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 20)

What actually is a media noche?  Well, if you listen to Episode 20 you'll find out.

Rich and Colin are back to discuss highlights from the 2012 London Olympics - We talk about Michael Phelps, Colin's hatred of China, the US/Jamaican rivalry in sprinting, dirty women's soccer and how our "other" allegiances fared in these Olympics (Great Britain was 1st, Korea 2nd, Italy 3rd, Cuba 4th and Ireland 5th). 

Lastly we talk about Colin being a born-again hardcore Republican which makes Rich sad... or mad... it's hard to tell the difference with him.  Colin expresses his love of Paul Ryan and lesser love (you could say dislike even) of President Obama.  Rich and Colin argue around and over each other just like real Democrats and Republicans!!  Min/O'Higgins 2016!

No Hyperbole Allowed wishes the Segway a Happy 10th Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

0:00 - Intro/What does Lisa Simpson have to do with the Olympics?
2:55 - Mr. Johnson goes to jail
7:35 - The official O'Higgins family definition of a Media Noche
10:15 - The official 2012 London Olympics coverage
42:50 - Colin thinks FDR is vastly overrated because he (Colin) is a Republican in case you forgot
1:12:00 - Colin loves Paul Ryan because he (Colin) is a Republican in case you forgot
1:16:15 - Closing/Colin hates the Segway and Rich hates Blackberry


  1. This one is really vulgar. I think we should clean up our potty mouths next time.

  2. It's very strange to me that Rich refuses to believe the stimulative effect of lower tax rates, even after the unprecedented economic boom which started in the early 80s stemming from Reagan's tax cuts. Clinton, after raising marginal rates, lowered the capital gains tax rate, after which the economy again had a tremendous upswing. They both dropped rates for everyone, not just the evil rich. Additionally, most small businesses pay taxes under the personal income tax.


  4. hahahahahahahahahahahaha. great link sean.