Monday, July 23, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 19)

Rich and Colin are back from their prolonged absence with Episode 19 of the No Hyperbole Allowed podcast, just in time to discuss the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises.

Unfortunately, the opening of this highly anticipated film was marred by the tragic and senseless killing of 12 people in Colorado at a late screening on Thursday night.  Rich and Colin spend a lot of time discussing what it all means and whether there's even anything to understand about this sad event. 

1:00 - Intro
4:00 - Rich is sad about the impending closure of David's Cafe II on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach, FL
10:30 - Shooting in Aurora, CO
43:20 - The Dark Knight Rises review (Many Spoilers! Don't listen to this part until you've seen the film.)
1:04:05 - Rich can't wait for the Man of Steel next summer



  2. Interesting read, richie. What prompted you to post it?