Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 15)

Your humble podcast hosts welcome to the studio (several personal computers hooked up via Skype) James Norton, an Englishman's Englishman, hailing from England. He regales us with stories of traveling in this strange land where people pronounce their r's. How the British perceive American politics. The differences between New York and Miami. What it's like to finally visit the dentist. Etc.   

We also discuss Ozzie Guillen (pronounced Gee-Shen if you're a silly Argentine) and his comments professing his man-love for the Beard (no, not Brian Wilson, the other one). Colin is 1/256th Cuban so be forewarned that he is permitted to poke fun at latin accents - it's in the racists' handbook, 5th edition, Chapter 8 entitled "How to Make Fun of Accents and Get Away With It Too!!"

1:00 - James Norton, the 2,938,485th Most Interesting Man in the World
9:30 - The Differences between New York and Miami
12:45 - Trayvon Martin
15:00 - James talks American
31:00 - We love Ozzie Guillen (Please don't boycott us! We just meant we love his tender eyes!)


This is the "Afghan polo" that Colin was talking about. It's called buzkashi. Or kok-boru. Or oglak tartis. Or ulak tartysh. Seriously. Those are all names for this crazy sport - 


  1. Why is the first paragraph of this podcast description so much better than the second?

  2. I'm happy that there's a new podcast, but would it be too much to ask to have them slightly more frequently. Should it be frequent or frequently? I think it's an adverb.

  3. They should definitely be more frequent. To give you an idea how long the editing process takes, Trayvon Martin was actually still alive when we recorded. How we knew all that stuff about his death ahead of time is beyond me.

  4. Coincidentally, I saw Phil Taylor on TV last night.

  5. I think it is hilarious how you guys think Africans love George Bush. All the Africans I know look at him as the devil incarnate.

  6. Polling says otherwise: 80% Favorability


  7. Yeah, whachu talkin' bout, richie?