Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 14)

Dearest Loyal Listeners,

We apologize for another fairly long delay in delivering you your "no hyperbole allowed" dosage. We now know from listeners' pleas for more that our podcast is like a drug and that, once you've listened to it, you need more and more to satisfy that intense craving for our witty rapport and incisive social commentary.

Some of you have remarked that you "would have no idea what was going on in the world" without "no hyperbole allowed." Well, neither would Rich, since he's a workaholic and only comes up for air when he learns about things like the Trayvon Martin case when Colin asks him if he'd like to discuss it on the podcast. That was a very long sentence. Trayvon is a cool name, for the record.

We had some audio issues again, since we're still refining our recording and production methods, and had to rerecord our discussion with this week's guest, Larry Harris, Jr. Larry was the president of the Tufts student body when Rich and Colin were sophomores, and he was a prominent member of the Tufts community and the city of Boston. He has an undergraduate degree from Tufts and a Master's from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. He weighs in on this week's Trayvon Martin debate and discusses some of the points he makes in his hypervocal column Being American While Black.

Rich and Colin later discuss their overwhelming guilt at being skeptical of the Kony 2012 movement and video that's set fire to social networks from Facebook to, uh, Facebook. And Twitter, but mostly Facebook. Turns out Rich and Colin have hearts. (Watch the video, here).

Your humble hosts delve into one last controversial topic this week: television. On a scale of amazing to totally awesome, how highly will they rate the highly anticipated season 5 premiere of Mad Men? Tune in to find out!

1:30 - Intro (ramming speed scene from Ben Hur)
3:25 - Trayvon Martin
27:50 - Kony 2012
39:15 - Mad Men
52:20 - Tiger
55:50 - Outro

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