Thursday, March 8, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 13)

Stupid lives, always getting in the way of podcasting. Rich and Colin had this great idea of recording hours and hours of podcasts with 2 great guests, but then were faced with the task of editing all of those hours of stimulating conversation down into a nice compact, highly entertaining podcast. It's like making a fine brandy. Or something.

As we know, timing is everything, and though perhaps a bit dated, Episode 13 is finally here with 2 great segments:

1) Rich and Colin watch and discuss the Knicks@Heat game while recording. Please enjoy this highlight reel.

They then bring on special guest Kenny Dixon to discuss Jeremy Lin, LeBron James and race.

Kenny is black.

Well, half-black like the president. He likes to say "only the good half!" And then Rich goes "that's racist, dude." And then Kenny goes "no it's not. You just don't 'get it' 'cause you're Asian." And then Colin goes "guys, guys, can't we all get along?" And then Colin Patrick O'Higgins, the Korean guy and the black guy walk into a bar and get some drinks. It's not a joke. That's just what they do.

2) Oscar fashions and recap with special guest, Fashionista en Residencia, Alexandria Simons. We discuss the dresses that the ladies wore on the red carpet, hits and misses alike, and Colin, a rather sharp dresser in his own mind, discusses tuxedo dos and don'ts for the men. If you don't believe him, read this New York Times article that says a lot of the same stuff that he does.

Among the popular dresses that night were the ones worn by (from left) Jessica Chastain, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Michelle Williams. Ally and Rich loved Jessica Chastain's, but Colin thought it looked like the Watch the Throne album cover -

0:00 - Intro
1:51 - Knicks@Heat 2/23/12
10:00 - Special Guest Kenny Dixon talks Jeremy Lin and race
21:45 - Rich and Colin debate whether it's right to hate Lebron James
35:55 - Special Guest Ally Simons talks Oscar Fashions
57:50 - Colins talks Oscar Men's Fashions
1:10:25 - We recap the Oscars and the year in movies


  1. Colin links to the New York Times because he's secretly a liberal communist.

  2. I think you mean "LINks." Anyway, I love the NYT. In listening to the podcast, I realized that I explained the jacket button "always, somtimes, never" rule wrong. The middle button on a three-button is the "always," the top is the "sometimes," and the bottom is the "never." I think.

  3. A new podcast yayy! I'm surprised how many people don't know the sometimes always never rule, It's almost like they never went to prep school. I mean they shoulda went to prep school.

  4. hahahaha. i love you guys. and i don't know if there is a greater thing in the world than colin screwing up the button rule.

  5. Hey jerk, I haven't worn a 3-button jacket since high school (hunter green corduroy suit, very snazzy), so I couldn't remember.

  6. you are just hurting our reputation with your misinformation. what a republican thing to do. you should go work for foxnews and continue to trumpet ridiculous societal norms with uber-confidence yet chock full of misinformation.

    do you recall when that republican congressman said that 99% of planned parenthood was abortions even though that was not even close to correct and then his office said that the statement wasn't intended to be factual.

    that's you in 30 years.

    editor's note: the 99% figure might be wrong, so i implore all of you to find out the truth yourselves. don't listen to us, i guess, is my point.

  7. Rich gettting worked up about sports was hilarious. If someone's most meaningful experience in life is their relationship with their city's sports team they should drop a toaster in their next bath.

  8. richie, always the voice of reason. I hope Rich acts like this more often since it makes the podcast more interesting and makes me look like the cool-headed thoughtful one.