Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: New Girl (1/31/12)

by richmin3000

on november 16, 2011 i reviewed the 6th episode of 'new girl' entitled "Thanksgiving" and gave it a C+ rating. i mentioned, at the time, that the show had yet to develop its characters and the only reason i kept watching was because it's a 22-minute show that i pay little attention to.

well, i'm glad that i kept watching because last nite's "jess and julia" was a great episode of comedy. first of all, it was really funny... like actually funny. yes, i'm surprised too! the last scene when nick says "why would i wash the towel? the towel washes me!" i was on the floor.

more importantly though, the show finally found a tone that works. in a very meta way, the show took advantage of zooey deschanel's public persona of uber-cuteness by confronting it, through subtle and not-so-subtle means. lizzy caplan (from starz's 'party down' - one of the best comedies of the last few years) is the best casting decision this show could have made. her sardonic personality plays well off of zooey's naivety and every scene they share is gold.

just like i'm hoping for a newt gingrich win in the republican primary because i think it will bring out the best in president obama, i think caplan's julia has brought out the best in deschanel's jess. in coming to terms with how others see her, deschanel must defend herself and her personality traits in a way that makes her seem more human and less like teddy ruxpin.

no hyperbole allowed rating: a-

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