Monday, February 27, 2012

Review: 2012 Oscars

by richmin3000

another boring oscar telecast. like most of the nominated films last nite, i miss the good old days. the good old days being when the oscars ran long due to a number of montages, songs and actual entertainment. now, it's a couple of terrible jokes and terrible award speeches. the oscars should have let kermit and miss piggy host the osars. no, seriously.

1. all the nominees who actually won. see here for the full list.
2. emma stone. she's a fun actress. great in 'easy a' and 'the help - her bit with co-presenter ben stiller was really really funny. watch here.
3. meryl streep wnning for the first time in like 25 years. her 3rd win in 17 nominations. i was looking forward to the emotional viola davis acceptance speech but streep was great as usual.
4. sandra bullock had a funny bit speaking mandarin (with a bit of a germanic influence).
5. chris rock talking about black people playing donkeys and zebras.
6. christopher plummer because he's old
7. the artist and hugo each winning 5 times
8. kristen wiig and maya rudolph love short films but not short.. ahem.
9. sacha baron cohen as the dictator spills kim jong il's ashes on ryan seacrest - he's just living the dream.
10. jim rash for winning the oscar for best adapted screenplay and having the balls to mock angelina jolie in front of millions. watch more of him as dean pelton on nbc's community, coming back soon on thursday nites.
11. bret mckenzie winning for best song for the muppets. he's from new zealand. and in the hysterical flight of the concords.
12. asghar farhadi's speech for winning best foreign language film for a separation. he dedicated the award to the iranian people and then the cameras quickly panned to steven spielberg. hilarious.
13. christopher guest & co takes on the focus group in a hysterical sketch.

1. the muppets. we couldn't have used more muppets? i mean, why was their only role to serve as introducers for a cirque du soleil bit that had nothing to do with movies.
2. billy crystal. i love you but i kept thinking how great eddie murphy might have been. oh, what if?
3. angelina jolie is the hollywood version of angelina from jersey shore.
4. the french. between midnight in paris beating a separation for best screenplay; hugo (set in paris) beating the tree of life for best cinematography; and the artist beating everyone in everything, i say freedom fries for all!
5. ryan seacrest because you suck at life.
6. the tree of life, which is widely considered the best film of the year by critics, getting completely shut out.
7. viola davis, for being the only frontrunner in the acting category to lose out. not that there is shame in losing to meryl. but still, nothing stings like having the rug pulled out from under you. ask the new england patriots.
8. jean dujardin's oscar speech. roberto benigni gave us this and dujardin gave us this!
9. steven spielberg. since when did martin scorsese become such a more respected filmmaker than spielberg, who garnered 0 nominations for directing even though he made two well respected films, the adventures of tin tin and war horse. tin tin wasn't even nominated for best animated feature.
10. extremely loud & incredibly close. ok, so when the oscars decided to expand the nominations to up to 10, the thought was that they wanted to add more popular films to increase interest in the awards. sounds reasonable to me. but this year, instead of nominating bridesmaids or the final harry potter or mission impossible 4 or even fast five (all got solid reviews), they nominated a movie that most critics hated and that was only nominated for other award (max von sidow for best supporting actor). i understand that it's not as if the academy is one person making decisions and that they have to leave it up to voters, but still, i think it might be time that we institute a little affirmative action into the academy.

you can read my top ten movies of 2011 list here. 'till next year.


  1. Sandra Bullock was speaking German. The Chinese thing was a joke. Maybe that's what you're going for.

    Bridesmaids was not that funny. It shouldn't have been nominated for anything.

  2. By the way, nice job drumming up support for your preferred Twitter handle. I guess I'll have to get to the phones.