Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Top One "Hottest Track" of 2011

by richmin3000

pitchfork rated it their #1 song of 2011.
stereogum users rated it the #1 song of 2011.
pop matters rated it the #1 song of 2011.
paste magazine rated it the #2 song of 2011.
spin rated it their #12 song of 2011.

rolling stone loses all respect for not even ranking it in their top 50 songs of 2011. how will that publication survive without the respect of no hyperbole allowed? the answer is, they won't - so may as well stop reading them now - gotta stick with a winner...

...and the winner for HOTTEST TRACK OF 2011 is:

the victoria secret song aka m83's "midnight city"

everything would have been better in 2011 if it used this song (though it couldn't save hbo's recently cancelled "how to make it in america").

in fact, when nicolas winding refn and cliff martinez were unable to procure the use of this song in their film "drive" they just decided to rip it off again and again and again in the soundtrack/score.

runner-up: jay-z and kanye west - "niggas in paris"

best album of 2011 (this is a huge cop-out because it's not even that great of an album, but they are still the best band in the world):
tv on the radio - nine types of light

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