Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Theater Review: Fuerza Bruta

by richmin3000

recently i went to go see the show "fuerza bruta" and had a great time. after the show i tried to make sense of what i had just witnessed for the past hour.

usually when i write my reviews, i take a peek at some other reviews just to see another point of view that might help me strengthen my arguments or perhaps even change my opinion. in this case, i found one review that essentially summed up everything that i thought about this show. so instead of writing a review that would be not have been as good, i've decided to link to the new york times review from 2007.

though i really do agree with almost everything in that review, i didn't have as much of an aversion to the lack of depth or substance within the show. there is certainly nothing wrong with some good old fashioned visceral fun; not everything needs to be intellectualized.

if anyone was wondering, the picture above is of the techno-dance party that occurs immediately after the conclusion of the show as water drops from above. its both ridiculous and sort of fun. at times like these, i usually stand by my motto in life - why not?

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