Friday, January 20, 2012

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 9)

Who is Bobby Riether, JD, MBA, CPA, PIMP! you might ask? Well, you are about to find out. Friends with Colin, through Colin's younger, yet much more sophisticated and better looking, brother, Sean, Bobby is in-house counsel to the much heralded, though relatively unknown fraternity of Λ$Π, sometimes referred to as the "Ca$h Money Crew." He also enjoys keeping it "gangsta" and "real" while also stopping to smell the flowers.

If that didn't get you excited (and for Pete's sake, I really hope that did NOT get you excited), this week Rich, Colin and special guest, Bobby, talk Vegas baby, Vegas and the glory (or not) that is Tim Tebow. At some point, Colin makes a futile attempt at discussing some governor who pardoned a bunch of murderers, but Rich and Bobby thwart his lame attempts and get this podcast back on track.

In case you were wondering, Rich and Colin did not take last week off, but had some technical difficulties. So, to make up for it, Rich flew almost half way across the world (the world is still just the United States last time I checked) from New York to Florida (or New York Sr.) so that there would be no excuses this week.... and boy are his arms tired!

0:32 - Intro
4:20 - Vegas baby, Vegas!
29:05 - Haley Barbour
32:16 - More Vegas
38:08 - More Barbour
40:40 - Teach Me How to Tebow... teach me, teach me how to tebow.

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