Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Reviews: Fall Television Season (Dramas)

by richmin3000

in anticipation of my top ten tv shows of 2011 list later this week, the following are my short reviews of the dramas that i watched this fall:

the walking dead (amc sundays)
you can read my review of the fall season of the walking dead here. i gave the show a "b+" for its strong finish, but after some thought, i have to change my grade to a "b" simply due to the season's slow and boring start. the final 6 episodes of the 2nd season will air beginning on February 12, 2012 before making way for the 5th season of mad men.

no hyperbole allowed rating: b

pan am (abc sundays)
along with the cancelled 'playboy club', pan am attempts to put a female empowerment spin on the mad men sixties. with four strong female leads and great production value, pan am has debuted well this fall. while i'm skeptical over it's longevity and future, pan am, like any good period piece, conveys a a strong feeling of time and place.

no hyperbole allowed rating: b-

revenge (abc wednesdays)
you can listen to my review of revenge with ms. ana-mercedes cardenas, here. i think, at the time, i gave the show an "a-" rating for the season. now, after a few more episodes, i have to drop my grade down just slightly to a "b+" because the show has sort of dragged the last couple of weeks. after a really strong start, revenge is struggling to find ways to push the plot through a long network season - just one of the advantages of cable networks which require only about half the episodes per season. i feel confident though that the show will came back strong in the spring to close out a solid first year.

no hyperbole allowed rating: b+

american horror story (fx wednesdays)
this is objectively one of the worst shows i've ever seen, i think. however, i probably will never miss an episode as long as it's not cancelled. i'm a sucker for the horror genre and as bad as the show was this year, it still had its moments. the show hit a crescendo in it's penultimate episode then came crashing back down in the finale. luckily for everyone, we are essentially getting a do-over next year as the showrunners have announced they will explore a new horror plotline each season. good-bye mrs. taylor... here's hoping you get cast in a role where i don't have to hate you so very much.

no hyperbole allowed rating: c+

boardwalk empire (hbo sundays)
i assumed season 1 was the prelude to the story of nucky thompson (steve buscemi), but apparently this season served that role. much stronger than season 1, this season was set up to challenge nucky's resolve and character, showing his true color's by season's end. effectively, season 2 was more about jimmy darmody (michael pitt) than nucky himself, but at the end of the day, this is nucky's world and we're all just living in it.

no hyperbole allowed rating: b+

homeland (showtime sundays)
one of the best new shows on tv this year, this is already the best drama to ever air on showtime (especially after hearing the joke that dexter has become). claire danes plays cia agent carrie mathison, who suspects the recently rescued p.o.w. marine nick brody (damian lewis) of being a terrorist. the season plays out this game of cat and mouse and the writers are so effective at it by creating tension while never manipulating our emotions or prejudices. it's the class of the dramas to air this fall so i highly recommend to anyone who has showtime to watch it on demand.

no hyperbole allowed rating: a-

**tomorrow, i will be reviewing the fall season's comedies**
**later this week, look out for my top ten tv shows of 2011**

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