Sunday, December 11, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 5)

After a delay of a couple of days, Rich and Colin are back with special guest Ally Simons ( to talk about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, 2012 fashion trends, high-end labels at affordable prices, Macy's and the transgendered, John Huntsman, Salons v. Barbershops, and the Walking Dead/Homeland dilemma.... listen to it here.

We apologize for the long delay... apparently we still have to "work" to pay the bills. We will be back in a few days with another new episode.

0:00 - Intro (Bad Boy Remix)
5:19 - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
17:07 - Latest Fashion Trends
21:50 - Macy's is pro-transgendered
33:20 - John Hunstman/Salon v. Barbershops
38:17 - The Walking Dead/Homeland Dilemma
42:50 - Closing (Death Row Remix - not really)

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