Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yoenis Cespedes - The Showcase

by richmin3000

this is yoenis cespedes, the hot, somewhat young (listed at 26) centerfield prospect out of cuba. he left cuba for the dominican republic and teams will be giving him a ton of money this offseason as a free agent. early reports are that he will likely get more than aroldis chapman two years ago.

the baseball community has been abuzz since this video (which is essentially a highlight film and training video) came out a week or so ago. kevin goldstein from baseball prospectus talks about the video and then talks with cespedes' advisor in the links below, respectively.

*also a quick thank you to kevin for providing us with some advice to start our podcast essentially for free. baseball prospectus is one of the premiere baseball scouting and statistical analytical sites out there. "up and in" baseball prospectus podcast with kevin and jason parks is also a great listen (if you can take 2 hours of baseball scouting talk).


  1. So, uh. Dude's got a giant hitch in his swing. @~9:30 in video. Can't wait to see if he can adjust to ML breaking balls.

  2. yea, people have talked about his hitch, calling it a two-part swing, which obv can be a hinderance. he's a toolsy player apparently and you know how much scouts love their tools