Sunday, November 20, 2011

Short-Film Review/Recommendation: Spider

by richmin3000

"it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

a friend of mine, ms. ana-mercedes cardenas (who you can listen to in our 2nd podcast, here), recommended that i watch a short film entitled "spider" at around 3:30 am last nite. i did so pretty much without question.

the short film is from 2007, by nash edgerton, who also stars in the film. it is approximately ten minutes long and the beginning is very unassuming, with a couple named jack and jill driving down a road while engaged in small argument. i didn't know anything about it prior to watching it and recommend that everyone go into it expecting nothing. i would only say to pay close attention to jack's purchases at the gas station. the film is well conceived and executed, funny and fucked-up. that's my short review of this short film.

you can view "spider" streaming on netflix or you can view it here on youtube. and for a disclaimer of sorts, i would suggest not watching it right before bed - just something i wish i had been told last nite.

no hyperbole allowed: b+
imdb: 7.7


  1. I'm sorry for suggesting you watch this so late, though I watched about 20 mins before you, so I went through it too.

  2. i watched it again today - it's still pretty shocking