Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: Revenge (11/23/11)

by richmin3000

this week was all about the real emily thorne. other things happened and they were important, like tyler and noland, tyler and ashley, ashley and victoria, victoria and declan, but it all takes a back seat to what's happening and what's going to happen between the real emily thorne and the fake emily thorne, our main character.

as ana and i discussed during the 2nd podcast, the introduction of the real emily thorne (r.e.t.) has added a whole new dimension to this show, creating an obstacle of sorts that the fake emily thorne (f.e.t.) cant' seem to control. the r.e.t. is one of the few people that has something over f.e.t. and because of that, f.e.t. needs to tread carefully.

the real "oh shit" moment of this episode came as jack and the r.e.t. were carousing on the "amanda", jack's boat named after his long lost childhood love, amanda clarke (or f.e.t.). i'm not gonna tell you what happens because if you didn't see the episode then it's a great moment and i don't want to ruin it for you and if you did then you know what i am talking about. the bottom line is that r.e.t. didn't need to do that, but alas, what fun is there in being predictable?

now that that ship has sailed and there's no going back, f.e.t. needs to figure out how to fix this problem and on a more emotional level, she might have to finally tell jack her little secret. that's my guess at least and i expect that to occur in the coming weeks in order to pave the way for getting rid of or, at least, neutralizing r.e.t.

the other intriguing development was the appearance of what seems to be, f.e.t.'s revenge coach. i'm not sure how else to put it. i guess we'll find out next week the origin of this story, but i don't know how i feel about this storyline. like with the warden a few weeks back, the idea that these random strangers are willing to help out the f.e.t. seems a bit farfetched to me, even in this soapy-soap world.

no hyperbole allowed: b+

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