Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: New Girl (11/15/11)

by richmin3000

can we settle on an opening credit sequence already?

is it me or is justin long (aka the mac guy) the perfect love interest for zoe deschanel (jess)? they are equal parts cute, annoying and annoyingly cute.

the show has not really developed so far in its first season. deschanel is her usual hipster, cute, awkward self which is somewhat entertaining but gets pretty old quick when you have to see her on a weekly basis. the roommates are actually picking up some of the comedic slack and now that jess' hot best friend cc has gotten some more face-time, the better jokes are coming from the roommates' attempts to hook up with her. though, i do feel like the trio of roommates are a watered down version of the crew from "it's always sunny in philadelphia."

also, the sexual tension between jess and her roommate nick is starting to really heat up. not sure what's gonna happen there but i guess the showrunners will just see what how the viewers react to their chemistry before figuring out whether to go down that road.

all in all, this was a "meh" episode with the funniest stuff coming from schmidt's obsession with cleanliness. if this were an hour long drama i'd probably have stopped watching by now, but hard to pass on a 22-minute long comedy with a few decent laughs.

no hyperbole allowed rating: c+

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