Sunday, November 20, 2011

Recap: Ladies of Experimental Music NYC Festival - The 1st Showcase

by richmin3000

contrary to some people's opinion, i am not a hipster. but once in awhile i do go to places where hipsters congregate and last nite was one of those times.

as discussed on our 2nd podcast, i was at the event, "ladies of experimental music nyc festival - the 1st showcase" last nite in brooklyn, ny. located at the sparrowtree in the yuppie-hipster neighborhood of williamsburg, the name pretty much aptly describes the nite's events. i arrived a little late and left a little early but saw two performances, one by "i feel awesome" and one by "lazurite" - you can see a short video of i feel awesome and lazurite below.

i can't really say much good or bad about it because i'm not even sure what i was witnessing. it's experimental music which more or less means that it's not anything you would ever choose to listen to on your own time (i hope). though as ronnie says, "do you!!"

above, i've posted my favorite two pieces on display in the gallery of the sparrowtree. it's a performance space and art gallery rolled into one - who could have imagined. if you've never encountered hipsters or williamsburg, hopefully this is a little insight into their world.

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