Monday, November 28, 2011

Preview: Games of Thrones - Season 2

by richmin3000

just saw this promo video on of season 2 of game of thrones and wanted to share it with everyone. if you haven't seen season 1 of the hbo show, game of thrones, you are missing out. if you have, this promo certainly does a good job building the excitement for season 2 coming april 2012.

like a huge nerd, i was following the updates on the new cast and am a little disappointed with the casting of natalie dormer as margaery tyrell. having suffered through the entire run of the tudors on showtime, i was hoping that i would never have to be subjected to her terrible acting again and her constant, annoying puckering of the lips.

oh well, i'm still uber excited for the show to come back on the air. i am currently 100 pages into book 4 and should be done with book 5 before the season 2 starts. for those who don't know anything about the show or books, it is a series of fantasy books by george r.r. martin, entitled "a song of ice and fire". the first book is called "a game of thrones" and is the title of the hbo show. each season of the show will tell the story of one of the books (there are 5 books currently, with 7 planned in total).

i am a late comer to the series, having only started it after watching season 1 of the show. but, like many people, i've found the story to be quite addicting. anyway, we have lots of time to delve into reviews, which you can certainly expect on this blog in the future. enjoy the promo!

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