Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 3)

We are back for a short (only about 35 minutes) but sweet podcast for you this week. Even with turkey day right around the corner we heard the pleas from our listeners for more Rich and Colin. As of right now, we are closing in on 100 downloads of the 2nd podcast and almost 60 of the 1st podcast and we certainly want to give thanks to everyone who has supported our new project!!

This week, in the 3rd episode of the podcast, Rich and Colin talk politics, specifically the "occupy" movement and the deficit-reduction supercommittee. They also finally throw in their two cents about Kim Kardashian and add in some comedy only the way Rich and Colin can. Enjoy!

0:01 - Colin tries to come up with a theme song.
1:13 - Intro
4:40 - Politics (Occupy movement and supercommittee)
29:33 - Kim Kardashian
34:01 - Closing

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