Friday, November 18, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 2)

We are back and better than ever with our second podcast. Colin is mic'ed up and ready to go. This week we review the Watch the Throne tour and album, discuss baseball in Miami, the violence and political situation in Venezuela that led to the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos, and review a little television show called "Revenge" with special guest Ana-Mercedes Cardenas*.

Click on the hyperlink below to get to the podcast. We are in the process of putting the podcasts up on iTunes and will let everyone know when that is done. Thanks for tuning in and for all of your support already. You rock.

0:44 - Intro
2:51 - Review: Watch the Throne
18:30 - Miami Marlins
27:42 - Wilson Ramos/Violence in Venezuela
48:13 - Review: Revenge (TV)
1:01:10 - Closing

*Visit Ana's jewelry line at*

These are the Air Yeezy 2's referred to in the podcast, and over which Colin continues to drool -

And these are Colin's Cole Haan "Strength Shoes". The symbol means strength in Japanese (and Chinese), so Colin calls them his "Strength Shoes". It's a pun. See, these are the original Strength Shoes. They're supposed to make you run fast and jump high, but Colin can already do both of those, so he just needed his feet to look awesome. They were a gift from Rich. Awww...


  1. Thanks for leaving in the shoe part. Way to make me sound like Imelda Marcos...

  2. all i can say is thank god for google and wikipedia