Saturday, November 26, 2011

News and Reaction: NBA Lockout Nears End

by richmin3000

i've been saying for a few months now that i really don't care whether they have a season or not. the nba has lost a lot of its luster for me over the past ten or so years, even though last year's season was one of the best ever, but as news broke out this morning that the owner and the players have tentatively reached a handshake agreement to end bring the season back on christmas day, december 25, 2011 for a 66-game schedule, i got pretty damn excited.

see, before there was the giants beating an 18-0 patriots team in the playoffs and before there was the mets and the hopes of a wright/reyes world series championship, it was all about the knicks in my youth. ewing, starks, oak, rivers, harper, anthony, mason, then houston, spree, lj before the horror that was isiah thomas.

now it's time for year 2 of the rebirth of knicks basketball... it's time for stat and melo to do better than their first round exit in the playoffs last year. it's time to get chris paul? i'm getting ahead of myself. it's time to play some ball at the garden...

this time of year is what makes sports so much fun for a fan - the hope and excitement that precedes everything. let's go knicks!


  1. Don't fret, Cyberspace, I'll edit the crap out of this when I get home. Holy typo-tastic blog entry, Rich!

  2. Definitely looking forward to the Knicks being relevant again...also remember what happened the last time there was a lockout/shortened season for the Knicks...

  3. that's right bunis... i almost forgot. nba finals here we come!