Friday, November 25, 2011

People We Like: Michael Shur aka Mose Shrute aka Ken Tremendous

by richmin3000

you may best know michael shur as mose shrute, dwight's cousin on the nbc show, "the office". however, shur is much more than a hilarious bit character on a one-time great show so i'm going to go through some of his notable achievements.

according to wikipedia (so take that for what it's worth), shur wrote for saturday night live from 1998 to 2004 then became a producer and writer for the american version of "the office", writing some the the show's best episodes in season 2 and 3, including "office olympics," "traveling salesman" and "the job." as previously stated shur also played the character, mose shrute, who provided some of the best laughs every time he appeared on screen.

in 2008 he went on to create "parks and recreation" which is arguably the best sitcom on television today. with the best leading funny lady around (ms. amy poehler) and the best ensemble cast (aziz ansari, nick offerman, chris platt, aubrey plaza, rob lowe, adam scott), this show has developed into the most consistently smart, funny and heart-warming show on television (yes, i do watch modern family). the show is continuing to evolve and it's take on small-town politics make it currently relevant.

even with shur's great television credentials, his most influential alter ego might be as ken tremendous, his twitter alias and also his pen name for which he used to write for a blog called "fire joe morgan" and now occasionally writes for SBnation. i used to read and adore because, like most new-school baseball enthusiasts (read: sabermetric nerd), i hated joe morgan and all the old-school analysts that dismissed the stat-head revolution in sports.

morgan was the espn sunday night baseball television analyst alongside jon miller. he was the epitome of the old-school, stubborn and spiteful, and used his national audience each sunday night to ignorantly rant against the use of statistics in baseball. in response, shur, aka ken tremendous, began in 2005 with a few friends, railing against joe morgan and those of his ilk, displaying their knack for irreverent comedy and high intelligence. they won a great following in the "intelligent" baseball community, yet no one had any idea, at the time, that ken tremendous was michael shur. after many years, joe morgan was finally fired late in 2008 as his opinions were finally being recognized as obsolete and the folks at fire joe morgan, realizing they had won, decided to close shop to focus on other interests.

michael shur is a man of many skills and tastes and i, for one, am a big fan of everything he does. just recently, keith law (baseball scout) had him on as a guest for the espn "baseball today" podcast to talk about his blog and parks and recreation while alan sepinwall and dan fienberg (tv critics) had him on their "firewall and iceberg" podcast for an hour to discuss the sopranos and the wire.

for anyone who wants to get exposed to more of michael shur aka ken tremendous, you can follow him on twitter at @kentremendous; read his blog on SBnation; or watch parks and recreation on nbc, thursdays at 8:30pm.

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