Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 4)

In this week's podcast Rich and Colin discuss flu shots, our thanksgiving holidays, black friday, cyber monday and our excitement or lack thereof over the new muppets movie and the upcoming nba season.

Colin's interview with his friend from Japan about the tsunami disaster will be posted next week due to some technical issues. But, we have posted a link on the upper right corner to AmeriCares so please donate to the relief efforts.

Music this week was provided by the Sunday Belts. If you like their music you can hear more at

0:01 - the Sunday Belts "Black Moon"
2:02 - Intro
4:00 - Flu Shot
12:30 - Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday
20:13 - Excitement about Muppets and NBA
26:45 - Closing

Reaction: Red Sox hire Bobby Valentine

by richmin3000

the red sox just suffered one of the worst late-season collapses in baseball history. They had a 9-game lead on september 24th with 24 games to go and were eliminated from the playoff race on the last day of the season.

after the season, things went into a tailspin with rumblings of a fractured clubhouse. ownership fired terry francona, their beloved manager and then essentially traded gm theo epstein to the chicago cubs, replacing him with longtime assistant ben cherington.

the sox went on a search for a new manager at the same time and rumors were that their first choice was john farrell. he is the current manager of the toronto blue jays and was the red sox pitching coach from 2007-2010. the blue jays would not let him go to the red sox, a division rival.

instead, the red sox have now turned to bobby valentine, former manager of the texas rangers and my beloved new york mets (who he guided to the 2000 nl pennant). he hasn't managed in the majors since 2002 (though he managed quite successfully in japan).

like most mets fans, i'm a huge bobby v fan as he has an outspoken personality and is a fiery leader. but i'm not so sure he's a good fit for the red sox at this time. francona was a player's manager and by the end it seemed as though the players had taken advantage of that. so it would seem as though they were in need of a stronger personality, but bobby is much that and more. he can be antagonistic at times and is never afraid to be himself (see above where he got thrown out of a game then came back into the dugout dressed in a disguise), which may not play well with boston's high profile players and intense media.

the red sox have a little bit of rehabilitation to do next season and maybe this is the first step in that direction, maybe not. but either way, all eyes are going to be on boston and this will surely be a fun ride.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Review: How to Make it in America - Season 2

by richmin3000

if you weren't aware (as i wasn't), season 2 of hbo's show, "how to make it in america" had its finale two sundays ago. i didn't realize it until i tried to watch it this past sunday only to discover that there wasn't a new episode on. at least it gives me a chance to review this past season.

a lot of people like to compare this show to entourage, another hbo show about a group of people trying to "make it" in a big city. entourage followed the life of a burgeoning actor while how to make it follows ben epstein (bryan greenberg) and his best friend, cam calderon (victor rasuk) as they try to make it big in the world of fashion. both shows were produced by mark wahlberg and his production team, were 30-minute pseduo comedies and used the cities (l.a. and nyc, respectively) as a character in the show. the similarities are there for sure, but its the differences that make 'how to make it' a far better.

maybe it's because i live in new york and hate the city of angels, but 'how to make it' seems like a more honest and real show. maybe entourage was real too... in that vince came across as a whiny, annoying pretty boy with no real acting skills and dreams of being a movie star. perhaps that's real for people in l.a. in new york though, the reality is that life is a hustle, especially when you are trying to make it on your own. new york challenges you every day; it tests your self-confidence and your tenacity. and in watching this show, i find myself rooting for ben and cam because it makes me feel like i'm rooting for all my friends who have started their own companies or are trying to carve out a niche for themselves in this city.

looking back on this past season, there was a lot of bad (all of rachel's storylines for example), but there were a lot of good moments too. at the end of the day, ben and cam joined forces with another big-dreamer (who they had spurned earlier) and decided to do things their way, which is really the only thing they could have done. we left off, after season 1 with crisp making t-shirts after failing with their denim line. and after upgrading to hoodies during season 2, they ended the season with the promise that their original goal of making a sick pair of jeans was still alive and well. i like that the show is taking things slow (not realistically slow but slow for tv) and not trying to make crisp into the next big thing (just yet).

at this point, hbo has not decided whether to renew 'how to make it' for season 3, but i'm hoping that they do because i'm excited to see what crisp has in store next.

my favorite moments from season 2:
- episode 1 ("i'm good") - 'big in japan' opening sequence really got the season off to a cool start
- episode 3 ("money, power, private school") - ben and cam are hired to design graduation t-shirts for an elementary school and a very stylish little girl with blue hair tells them that the design is "too obvious"
- episode 5 ("mofongo") - biking en masse in bushwick just because i feel like that is exactly what happens in bushwick
- episode 5 ("mofongo") - ben and cam hustle their way to their first big order, life is great and ben celebrates in style (to the tunes of m83's 'midnight city')
- episode 7 ("the friction") - crisp by yosi... brilliant
- episode 7 ("the friction") - ben and cam arguing about whether to sell out to yosi; this argument really highlighted the nature of the two characters and why they need each other
- episode 8 ("what's in a name") - nancy tells ben that her buyer friend say his lookbook is juvenille, to which ben responds, "tell your friend to go fuck herself"
- anything with luis guzman

no hyperbole allowed rating: b+

Monday, November 28, 2011

Preview: Games of Thrones - Season 2

by richmin3000

just saw this promo video on of season 2 of game of thrones and wanted to share it with everyone. if you haven't seen season 1 of the hbo show, game of thrones, you are missing out. if you have, this promo certainly does a good job building the excitement for season 2 coming april 2012.

like a huge nerd, i was following the updates on the new cast and am a little disappointed with the casting of natalie dormer as margaery tyrell. having suffered through the entire run of the tudors on showtime, i was hoping that i would never have to be subjected to her terrible acting again and her constant, annoying puckering of the lips.

oh well, i'm still uber excited for the show to come back on the air. i am currently 100 pages into book 4 and should be done with book 5 before the season 2 starts. for those who don't know anything about the show or books, it is a series of fantasy books by george r.r. martin, entitled "a song of ice and fire". the first book is called "a game of thrones" and is the title of the hbo show. each season of the show will tell the story of one of the books (there are 5 books currently, with 7 planned in total).

i am a late comer to the series, having only started it after watching season 1 of the show. but, like many people, i've found the story to be quite addicting. anyway, we have lots of time to delve into reviews, which you can certainly expect on this blog in the future. enjoy the promo!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Top Ten Movies of the 2000's

by richmin3000

with all due respect to the following films that just missed my list: a history of violence, the incredibles, before sunset, children of men and mulholland drive... the following is my top ten films of the 2000's (2000-2009).

10. watchmen (2009) - based on the acclaimed graphic novel, this film by zach snyder (dawn of the dead, 300) is one of the more stylish films you will see. it got very mixed reviews, mostly negative, though it was more beloved by fans than by critics. the opening sequence is a sight to behold and the film's slow, deliberate pace works in its favor. if you are a fan of comic books this movie is a must-see.

9. the departed (2006) - a remake of the hong kong film, infernal affairs, this boston gangster film is classic martin scorsese (mean streets, goodfellas, gangs of new york). no one could have made this movie better than him and with the great cast (damon, dicaprio, baldwin and nicholson) this movie is pure entertainment from start to finish. the departed also got scorsese his first and long overdue oscar win for directing.

8. brokeback mountain (2005) - based on a short story by annie proulx, director ang lee (crouching tiger, hidden dragon) and cinematographer rodrigo prieto capture the serene beauty of wyoming in this romantic drama that ultimately and unjustly lost out to crash for best picture at the oscars. one of the best romantic films of all-time, heath ledger gives a heartwarming yet brutally honest performance that will make you realize the price some people have to pay for true love.

7. the dark knight (2008) - arguably the greatest comic book movie ever. christopher nolan (the prestige, inception) takes on the greatest of super hero themes in this follow up to batman begins - what choice is a hero left with when confronted with the sort of enemy that knows no limits? heath ledger, again, gives a oscar-worthy performance as the joker, an enemy so vicious because he has no motivation except to bring chaos to the world. nolan tightened up his storytelling and his action directing to make this one of the best films of the decade.

6. spirited away (2001) - hayao miyazaki (princess mononoke, howl's moving castle, ponyo) is a legend in the world of animation. his films are some of the most imaginative around and i can't think of another film that makes me feel so much like a kid again. the sense of adventure and self-discovery in his movies is unparalleled and that's taking into account the pixar catalog. a breathtaking film, spirited away is a masterpiece that should be viewed by children and adults alike.

5. crouching tiger, hidden dragon (2000) - ang lee makes his 2nd appearance on this list with this film based on early 20th century chinese pulp stories. in order to appreciate the depth of this movie, you need to have some knowledge of the wuxia kung-fu film genre. lee, with this film, is able to explore the nature of wuxia character archetypes (think honor above all else) to create a story of tragedy that, like brokeback mountain, results in an impermissible romance. visually stunning and action packed, lee perfectly directs every scene resulting in an epic tale of tragic love.

4. the assassination of jesse james by the coward robert ford (2007) - based on the book by ron hansen, it's absolutely necessary to credit both the director, andrew dominik (chopper), and cinematographer, roger deakins (almost all the coen brothers movies, wall-e, kundun) for this gorgeous piece of film-making. slow and deliberate, some would say to a fault, i find this movie to be captivating and alluring. the film seduces you and pulls you into the story of robert ford, a young, brash admirer of the infamous jesse james, who eventually kills james by shooting him in the back. casey affleck was nominated for an oscar for his role as robert ford and brad pitt gives maybe his best (and most subdued) performance ever as jesse james.

3. city of god (2002) - based on the book by paulo lins, director fernando meirelles (constant gardener) makes one of the dirtiest films (in a good way) ever made. reminiscent of early scorsese, city of god is raw, ambitious and is an earnest depiction of youthful gangster life in the cidade de deus neighborhood of rio de janeiro. of all the films i have listed in this post, there is none i would recommend higher than city of god. it's a powerful film that everyone should view at least once, if not several times as i have.

2. the royal tenenbaums (2001) - fucked up family? check. great soundtrack? check. idiosyncratic behavior? check. what more can modern, liberal, highly-educated elites ask for in a film? my favorite of wes anderson's films (bottle rocket, rushmore, the fantastic mr. fox) and co-written by owen wilson, the royal tenenbaums tickled every one of my funny bones. the characters were perfectly imagined on paper and realized on the screen and the story was uncomfortably awkward, yet heartwarming. oh, and did i mention the soundtrack?

1. no country for old men (2007) - no other filmmakers could have adapted legendary writer, cormac mccarthy's book any better. the coen brothers (fargo, big lebowski, true grit) do a great job bringing mccarthy's pages to life while adding in their own brand of humor and absurdity. the acting by jones, brolin and especially javier bardem is simply amazing. and the cinematography by roger deakins (jesse james) makes the film a visual tour de force. balancing themes of free will, fate, chance, morality and nihilism, this film is more about the themes than it is about the characters or the plot. the film tries to ask the viewer, through sherrif ed tom (tommy lee jones), how are we to make sense of a world without order and rules, a world always moving towards chaos, rather than away from it? the coen brothers have been trying to explore this question in some form through absurd humor and violence since the 80's. no country would win them their first best picture oscar.

my favorite scene from no country for old men

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Movie Review: 13 Assassins

by richmin3000

13 assassins is a 2010 japanese samurai film by director, takashi miike (audition, ichi the killer). it tells the story of 13 warriors who join together to stop a ruthless warlord named lord naritsugu. i had originally gone to see the film when it first opened but recently just saw it again streaming on netflix.

the film, like most genre films, expects you to have some built-in expectation of the characters. it is a handy short-cut for directors to exploit and allows them to push the plot of genre films without going deep into boring exposition that can slow the film down. 13 assassins is very much a plot-drive film, wasting little time exploring the individual characters. that does not mean, however, that the film is devoid of social critique.

13 assassins takes place towards the end of the edo period in japanese history, which ended in 1868 when the meiji period began. this marked the end of samurai prominence in japan. as stated, there is some expectation that the viewer is aware of samurai culture through previous films or through pop culture knowledge. playing off our expectation of samurai culture, the film blends nostalgia and reverence over the samurai way of life with utter contempt at the same time.

the overarching moral question throughout the film is whether the samurai's duty is to serve his master or serve the greater good. perhaps idyllically one would expect it to be to serve the greater good, but history would suggest otherwise. this film struggles to find understanding of the morality of the samurai culture all the while glorifying it.

13 assassins is a great blend of classic samurai film-making (see kurosawa's seven samurai), comedy, action and absurdity woven into great story-telling. kōji yakusho does a phenomenal job playing shinzaemon, the leader of the 13 assassins and is like a great football coach (see coach taylor from friday night lights), the way he motivates and gains his team's trust. although the film's 2nd act is a bit slow, the 3rd act is one of the best action-packed hours you will ever see in a movie. overall, this is a great thrill ride and if you are fan of the genre or of great film-making, this is a must see.

no hyperbole allowed: a-

imdb: 7.8

rotten tomatoes: 95%

metacritic: 87

News and Reaction: NBA Lockout Nears End

by richmin3000

i've been saying for a few months now that i really don't care whether they have a season or not. the nba has lost a lot of its luster for me over the past ten or so years, even though last year's season was one of the best ever, but as news broke out this morning that the owner and the players have tentatively reached a handshake agreement to end bring the season back on christmas day, december 25, 2011 for a 66-game schedule, i got pretty damn excited.

see, before there was the giants beating an 18-0 patriots team in the playoffs and before there was the mets and the hopes of a wright/reyes world series championship, it was all about the knicks in my youth. ewing, starks, oak, rivers, harper, anthony, mason, then houston, spree, lj before the horror that was isiah thomas.

now it's time for year 2 of the rebirth of knicks basketball... it's time for stat and melo to do better than their first round exit in the playoffs last year. it's time to get chris paul? i'm getting ahead of myself. it's time to play some ball at the garden...

this time of year is what makes sports so much fun for a fan - the hope and excitement that precedes everything. let's go knicks!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Review: Revenge (11/23/11)

by richmin3000

this week was all about the real emily thorne. other things happened and they were important, like tyler and noland, tyler and ashley, ashley and victoria, victoria and declan, but it all takes a back seat to what's happening and what's going to happen between the real emily thorne and the fake emily thorne, our main character.

as ana and i discussed during the 2nd podcast, the introduction of the real emily thorne (r.e.t.) has added a whole new dimension to this show, creating an obstacle of sorts that the fake emily thorne (f.e.t.) cant' seem to control. the r.e.t. is one of the few people that has something over f.e.t. and because of that, f.e.t. needs to tread carefully.

the real "oh shit" moment of this episode came as jack and the r.e.t. were carousing on the "amanda", jack's boat named after his long lost childhood love, amanda clarke (or f.e.t.). i'm not gonna tell you what happens because if you didn't see the episode then it's a great moment and i don't want to ruin it for you and if you did then you know what i am talking about. the bottom line is that r.e.t. didn't need to do that, but alas, what fun is there in being predictable?

now that that ship has sailed and there's no going back, f.e.t. needs to figure out how to fix this problem and on a more emotional level, she might have to finally tell jack her little secret. that's my guess at least and i expect that to occur in the coming weeks in order to pave the way for getting rid of or, at least, neutralizing r.e.t.

the other intriguing development was the appearance of what seems to be, f.e.t.'s revenge coach. i'm not sure how else to put it. i guess we'll find out next week the origin of this story, but i don't know how i feel about this storyline. like with the warden a few weeks back, the idea that these random strangers are willing to help out the f.e.t. seems a bit farfetched to me, even in this soapy-soap world.

no hyperbole allowed: b+

Fashion Faux Pas: Part Deux

by Colin
Michael Jordan is known for his old man jeans worn well above the hips. He continues his bizarre fashion choices on the golf course (pictured here at Lake Tahoe's American Century Championship) with these baggy plaid cargo pants and Fidel Castro hat.

Someone help this poor, lost soul.

People We Like: Michael Shur aka Mose Shrute aka Ken Tremendous

by richmin3000

you may best know michael shur as mose shrute, dwight's cousin on the nbc show, "the office". however, shur is much more than a hilarious bit character on a one-time great show so i'm going to go through some of his notable achievements.

according to wikipedia (so take that for what it's worth), shur wrote for saturday night live from 1998 to 2004 then became a producer and writer for the american version of "the office", writing some the the show's best episodes in season 2 and 3, including "office olympics," "traveling salesman" and "the job." as previously stated shur also played the character, mose shrute, who provided some of the best laughs every time he appeared on screen.

in 2008 he went on to create "parks and recreation" which is arguably the best sitcom on television today. with the best leading funny lady around (ms. amy poehler) and the best ensemble cast (aziz ansari, nick offerman, chris platt, aubrey plaza, rob lowe, adam scott), this show has developed into the most consistently smart, funny and heart-warming show on television (yes, i do watch modern family). the show is continuing to evolve and it's take on small-town politics make it currently relevant.

even with shur's great television credentials, his most influential alter ego might be as ken tremendous, his twitter alias and also his pen name for which he used to write for a blog called "fire joe morgan" and now occasionally writes for SBnation. i used to read and adore because, like most new-school baseball enthusiasts (read: sabermetric nerd), i hated joe morgan and all the old-school analysts that dismissed the stat-head revolution in sports.

morgan was the espn sunday night baseball television analyst alongside jon miller. he was the epitome of the old-school, stubborn and spiteful, and used his national audience each sunday night to ignorantly rant against the use of statistics in baseball. in response, shur, aka ken tremendous, began in 2005 with a few friends, railing against joe morgan and those of his ilk, displaying their knack for irreverent comedy and high intelligence. they won a great following in the "intelligent" baseball community, yet no one had any idea, at the time, that ken tremendous was michael shur. after many years, joe morgan was finally fired late in 2008 as his opinions were finally being recognized as obsolete and the folks at fire joe morgan, realizing they had won, decided to close shop to focus on other interests.

michael shur is a man of many skills and tastes and i, for one, am a big fan of everything he does. just recently, keith law (baseball scout) had him on as a guest for the espn "baseball today" podcast to talk about his blog and parks and recreation while alan sepinwall and dan fienberg (tv critics) had him on their "firewall and iceberg" podcast for an hour to discuss the sopranos and the wire.

for anyone who wants to get exposed to more of michael shur aka ken tremendous, you can follow him on twitter at @kentremendous; read his blog on SBnation; or watch parks and recreation on nbc, thursdays at 8:30pm.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!

From Rich and Colin, we'd like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are very thankful for the over 200 downloads we've received and all the great feedback from our friends.

Ok, it's time to go watch football, be with the family and put on a few lbs...

and let's all wish Colin good luck on the Turkey Trot!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Restaurant Review: Saxon + Parole (NYC)

by richmin3000

in honor of the greatest holiday ever (yes, thanksgiving), we are debuting our first restaurant review (to see more food reviews, check out colin's food blog, eat it miami).

on monday nite, i went to a late dinner (not for new yorkers) at the new noho restaurant, saxon + parole, located at the corner of bowery and bleecker. opened in september 2011 by chef, brad farmerie and avroKO hospitality group (both from the restaurant, public), the saxon + parole website describes their menu as grilled domestic meats and aquatic delights. i'd say that's a pretty apt description.

first with the decor and ambiance - i was in love with the space and energy that filled the room. as i noted during dinner, everyone around us was having a great time, laughing and seemingly engaging in great conversation. the music was a great blend of soul and oldies that contributed a great vibe but never got close to drowning out the conversation. it was noticeably a great blend of chatter and music. even our waiter was full of energy and all smiles, which can sometimes border on annoying if you happen to not be in the mood but in this case it didn't bother me at all simply because the atmosphere was a lot of fun. the space and design was very trendy yet warm - they have a bar area as you walk in, with a room in the back and another, more intimate room downstairs.

onto the food - in general, the meal was quite delicious. there are a lot of concoctions on the menu and though we didn't stray too far, there were a few gems. first off were the prince edward island mussels with fire-roasted piquillo peppers, tomato & caper broth. quite simply, they were some of the best mussels i've ever had. the mussels were sublime and all the sauce was a perfect compliment of flavor and texture.

for the main course, i was deciding between the bone-in ny strip or the whole roasted branzino stuffed with parmesan, toasted panko bread crumbs and smoked paprika. i am a big fan of branzino in general, but the waiter did a good job of selling the strip. we also got the fillet and for sides, whole grain mustard mashed potatoes and sautéed edamame/sun-dried tomatoes/feta cheese.

though a tad bit salty for my liking, the steaks were still very very good. i guess that, to some extent, it's sort of hard to mess up a good piece of meat as long as the cut is good. but, i am certainly not an easy person to please and i was happy to say that they were cooked to perfection, tender and flavorful. the bone-marrow béarnaise was good, but their homemade steak sauce was even better, with a great sweet and tangy flavor.

as for the sides, i am not a big fan of mustard so i guess i'm not sure why we went with mustard mashed potatoes. it probably is delicious for those that can stand mustard seeds. the edamame, however, was fantastic even though they failed to mention the presence of cilantro (which i detest). but in this cold side dish, the combination of the edamame, tomatoes and feta cheese essentially nullified even the strong overpowering taste of cilantro. it was a very muted blend that i actually found to be a great contrast to the explosion of flavor found in all the other dishes.

overall, i had a wonderful time which was in large part thanks to my beautiful companion, but regardless i would highly recommend this dining experience to anyone looking for a fun meal.

no hyperbole allowed rating: a-

Reaction: Ryan Braun Wins National League MVP

by richmin3000

when we were discussing the american league mvp race, we addressed three questions due to the candidacy of justin verlander, a pitcher. in this case, we do not. both ryan braun and matt kemp are outfielders, although braun is a left fielder and kemp is a center fielder. we'll get to that part.

therefore, we will simply address two questions:
1) what is the difference in value between ryan braun and matt kemp?
2) whether the bbwaa favors players from playoff teams?

1. since we already discussed war in a previous post, let's get right to it. both fangraphs and baseball-reference have matt kemp with a higher war than ryan braun, who is second in both rankings. fangraphs has them at 8.7 and 7.8, respectively. baseball-reference has them at 10.0 and 7.7, respectively. therefore, matt kemp's combined war is 18.7 and braun's is 15.5, which is a difference of 3.2 or a 1.6 average.

a 1.6 difference in war is pretty significant. it's the difference between ryan braun and jose reyes; the difference between jose reyes and cameron maybin (according to fangraphs). war clearly favors kemp over braun. onto the 2nd question.

2. the national league's history of mvp winners coming from non-playoff teams is much greater than the american league's. four times since 1995 (vs. one time in the american league) have players won the award when their teams have failed to make the playoffs. besides larry walker in 1997 (who was bested by craig biggio in both war rankings), in the other three years (bonds in '01 and '04; pujols in '08) the mvp winner led both rankings in war. this only serves to confuse the issue further.

conclusion: i'd like to be able to say that this year's voting demonstrates that the bbwaa clearly has a predilection towards players from playoff teams, but i'm not sure that is the whole truth. obviously, other players have won the award when they have clearly been the best player in the league even if their teams haven't made the playoffs, and when comparing both kemp and braun in 2011, it's pretty obvious that kemp had the better season even without the help of war. kemp had more hrs, runs, rbis and steals. they both had comparable batting average and ops, even though kemp played in a much less favorable home park. and to top it all off, kemp plays a decent center field (one of the 2 or 3 most important defensive positions) while braun plays a lousy left field (one of the 2 or 3 least important defensive positions).

the difference must be then that braun's team made the playoffs while kemp's did not, right? perhaps. but i would say that that's only part of the answer. the other part, and one we can't really know for sure, is that braun's name carries more weight. he has been an mvp-caliber type player for five years now, while kemp is still considered a rising star, a player whose time will come... maybe in 2012.

you can read the case for ryan braun and matt kemp on fangraphs if you are interested in reading more.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 3)

We are back for a short (only about 35 minutes) but sweet podcast for you this week. Even with turkey day right around the corner we heard the pleas from our listeners for more Rich and Colin. As of right now, we are closing in on 100 downloads of the 2nd podcast and almost 60 of the 1st podcast and we certainly want to give thanks to everyone who has supported our new project!!

This week, in the 3rd episode of the podcast, Rich and Colin talk politics, specifically the "occupy" movement and the deficit-reduction supercommittee. They also finally throw in their two cents about Kim Kardashian and add in some comedy only the way Rich and Colin can. Enjoy!

0:01 - Colin tries to come up with a theme song.
1:13 - Intro
4:40 - Politics (Occupy movement and supercommittee)
29:33 - Kim Kardashian
34:01 - Closing

Fashion Faux Pas

by Colin
This is going to be a new segment of ours. We (I) are (am) going to point out fashion mistakes by television personalities, such as our former president, Bill Clinton, pictured here.

First of all, he shouldn't wear a three-piece suit every time he leaves the house. Who does he think he is, Roger Sterling?

Secondly, he apparently didn't check the sloppy double windsor he just tied. It looks terrible. Don't gazillionaires like him have personal stylists?

At least he's thin now...

Monday, November 21, 2011

Reaction: Justin Verlander Wins American League MVP

by richmin3000

there were three questions the baseball writers association of america (bbwaa) needed to answer as it relates to the american league mvp race.

1) should pitchers be eligible for the mvp award?
2) what is the value of pitchers relative to position players?
3) what is the value of players who are on non-playoff teams v. playoff teams?

the news today that justin verlander has captured the al mvp award shouldn't come as a big surprise. but in a close race this year, the news does offer some insight into the thought process of the bbwaa.

1) with respect to the first question, only 1 of the 28 voting members left verlander off their ballot completely. this writer stands alone in the belief that pitchers should not be eligible for the award. i'm glad he stands alone because the guidelines for the voting process do not state that pitchers are ineligible for the mvp award. just because you disagree with the eligibility requirements doesn't mean you should disregard them. it's both unprofessional and lazy in my opinion.

2) with respect to the second question, the question is: how much impact does a pitcher have on a baseball season and on their baseball team when they pitch in, at most, 35 games out of 162 compared to many position players who play in almost every game? the caveat being that when a pitcher does play, they are unequivocally the most important player on their team that day.

statisticians or sabermetricians, have worked tirelessly to figure out the answer to the 2nd question, coming up with formulas and continuously revising them in order to better understand the value of baseball players. the most accepted quantification of value, at this time, is "wins above replacement" or "war" for short. it basically quantifies the number of "wins" a player adds to a team over an average or replacement-level player at the same position. supporters claim that this is the best single statistic to judge a player's value and point to the fact that if you add up every players war on a given team you will come out with the team's total numbers of wins (approximately). detractors say that a player's value can not be judged by a single number and don't take into consideration intangibles (see derek jeter).

still, assuming the answer to question #1 is yes, we then need to be able to conceptualize the value of a pitcher relative to position players and war, at least, attempts to objectively address that concern. a small issue with war, which we don't have time to delve into, is that there are two different measurements of war (fangraphs and baseball-reference). the differences, though important, will only serve to detract from our goals here so we will not go into them. suffice it to say that there is not universal agreement on how to rate the value of pitchers or defense.

using fangraphs war, verlander is tied for 7th in overall war, and is not even the #1 pitcher (that honor goes to yankees' cc sabathia). the ranking goes like this:
1) jacoby elsbury (9.3 war)
2) jose bautista (8.3)
3) dustin pedroia (8.0)
4) ian kinsler (7.7)
5) miguel cabrera (7.3)
6) cc sabathia (7.1)
t-7) verlander (7.0)
t-7) curtis granderson (7.0)

using baseball-reference, verlander is tied for 1st in overall war. the ranking goes like this:
t-1) verlander (8.5)
t-1) bautista (8.5)
3) elbsury (7.2)
4) cabrera (7.1)
5) adrian gonzalez (6.9)
t-6) sabathia (6.8)
t-6) pedroia (6.8)

if we were to combine the two rankings (which is not necessarily the best idea, but we'll do it as a short cut), we get the following rankings:
1) bautista (16.8)
2) elsbury (16.5)
3) verlander (15.5)

again, war is not a perfect metric (no metric is perfect), but it does help and allows us to incorporate some level of objectivity into our naturally biased opinions. additionally, it should be noted that a difference of 1.3 war (or really 0.65 war because we are combining two ratings and therefore need to average out the difference) between bautista and verlander is not substantial over the course of a 162-game season.

3) moving on to the final question, let's refer back to the top 3 war leaders in the american league. what is the difference between verlander and the other two? well, the answer is that verlander's team made the playoffs while bautista's (toronto blue jays) and elsbury's (boston red sox) did not.

going back to when the mlb playoffs expanded to 4 teams in each league (1995), there has only been one american league mvp that has come from a non-playoff team and that was alex rodriguez when he played for the last place texas rangers. his combined war that year (using fangraphs and baseball-reference) was 17.5 (the next closest player was johan santana at 13.9 who was second in both rankings; a difference of 3.6/1.8 is pretty big in case you were wondering).

i am in no way endorsing verlander as the al mvp. my personal choice would have been jose bautista because i believe the value of a player exists whether or not their team fails to make the playoffs. moreover, jacoby elsbury receives a great bump due to his defensive value which continues to be a work in progress so i am more prone to accepting bautista's offensive value ratings more than elsbury's defensive value ratings and therefore am a bigger believer in the validity of bautista's war rating than elsbury's.

fangraphs has three good articles making the case for jacoby elsbury, jose bautista and justin verlander. check them out if you are interesting in reading more.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

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It's now easy as peezy to follow Rich and Colin.

1. iTunes
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go to "Advanced" menu on top
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type in ""
the podcast will now appear in your library in the podcast section
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go to (you should be here already)
look to the right side where it says "Subscribe to no hyperbole allowed"
click on those words and choose how you would like to subscribe using the RSS feed - perhaps google reader.

and now we're inseparable... best friends forever!

Recap: Ladies of Experimental Music NYC Festival - The 1st Showcase

by richmin3000

contrary to some people's opinion, i am not a hipster. but once in awhile i do go to places where hipsters congregate and last nite was one of those times.

as discussed on our 2nd podcast, i was at the event, "ladies of experimental music nyc festival - the 1st showcase" last nite in brooklyn, ny. located at the sparrowtree in the yuppie-hipster neighborhood of williamsburg, the name pretty much aptly describes the nite's events. i arrived a little late and left a little early but saw two performances, one by "i feel awesome" and one by "lazurite" - you can see a short video of i feel awesome and lazurite below.

i can't really say much good or bad about it because i'm not even sure what i was witnessing. it's experimental music which more or less means that it's not anything you would ever choose to listen to on your own time (i hope). though as ronnie says, "do you!!"

above, i've posted my favorite two pieces on display in the gallery of the sparrowtree. it's a performance space and art gallery rolled into one - who could have imagined. if you've never encountered hipsters or williamsburg, hopefully this is a little insight into their world.

Short-Film Review/Recommendation: Spider

by richmin3000

"it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye."

a friend of mine, ms. ana-mercedes cardenas (who you can listen to in our 2nd podcast, here), recommended that i watch a short film entitled "spider" at around 3:30 am last nite. i did so pretty much without question.

the short film is from 2007, by nash edgerton, who also stars in the film. it is approximately ten minutes long and the beginning is very unassuming, with a couple named jack and jill driving down a road while engaged in small argument. i didn't know anything about it prior to watching it and recommend that everyone go into it expecting nothing. i would only say to pay close attention to jack's purchases at the gas station. the film is well conceived and executed, funny and fucked-up. that's my short review of this short film.

you can view "spider" streaming on netflix or you can view it here on youtube. and for a disclaimer of sorts, i would suggest not watching it right before bed - just something i wish i had been told last nite.

no hyperbole allowed: b+
imdb: 7.7

Friday, November 18, 2011

Reaction: Netflix Finally Does Something We Like

by richmin3000

after increasing their subscription prices and attempting to siphon off dvd delivery from streaming, netflix has finally done something positive worth mentioning... bringing us new episodes of arrested development.

off the air since 2006, arrested development fans have continued to clamor for their return. rumors were rampant during their third and final season that they would be heading to hbo or showtime...
Michael: So, what's going on with the fundraiser?
George Sr.: Well, I don't think the Home Builders Organization is gonna be supporting us.
Michael: Yeah, the HBO's not gonna want us. What do we do now?
George Sr.: Well, I think it's "Show Time." I think we have to have a show during dinner.
(season 3, episode 8, entitled "S.O.B.'s" as michael bluth and his father, george sr. try to figure out how they are going to raise money to save the family (or the show)).

now, variety is reporting that the highly anticipated fourth season of arrested development will begin airing on netflix in early 2013. with mitch hurwitz's announcement that an arrested development movie is still in the works, this news couldn't have come at a better time for both fans of the show and netflix inc., which has seen its stock plummet this year.

for anyone who hasn't seen the show, i highly recommend it. as easily as i can say that "the wire" is the greatest drama series of all-time, i can easily say that "arrested development" is the greatest sitcom of all-time. and since you have about 18 months until the next season airs, you'll have plenty of time to catch up!

Mobile Test

This is from Colin's phone. Holy technology.

Legal Analysis: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

by richmin3000

affectionately (not really) known as obamacare, the supreme court agreed earlier this week to decide on the constitutionality of the the "patient protection and affordable care act," with oral arguments likely to be scheduled in a few months. this gives us plenty of time to analyze and review some of the various legal, moral and political positions surrounding this controversial legislation.

we will get into some of the more nuanced aspects of this case as we get closer to oral arguments (which are expected to last about five hours - comparatively i have oral arguments on an appeal in december and it's expected to last ten minutes), but the major issue to be decided by the court is whether the "individual mandate," which requires that every american purchase health care by 2014 or face penalties, exceeds the authority of the federal government and therefore is unconstitutional.

like with many other national reformative legislation, the authority of the united states congress to enact health care reform comes from the "commerce clause" (united states constitution, article I, section 8, clause 3). the commerce clause, at its core, allows the congress to regulate commerce among the different states. the caveat is, of course, that most everything now affects or is affected by interstate commerce so the commerce clause has given congress very broad powers. this same clause allowed congress to pass the civil rights acts and fdr's new deal, both far reaching in their legal and social effects.

this begins a series of posts designed to give an overview of the legality of the new health care reform laws as we approach a historic supreme court battle in 2012 that will greatly shape the narrative of the 2012 presidential election.

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 2)

We are back and better than ever with our second podcast. Colin is mic'ed up and ready to go. This week we review the Watch the Throne tour and album, discuss baseball in Miami, the violence and political situation in Venezuela that led to the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos, and review a little television show called "Revenge" with special guest Ana-Mercedes Cardenas*.

Click on the hyperlink below to get to the podcast. We are in the process of putting the podcasts up on iTunes and will let everyone know when that is done. Thanks for tuning in and for all of your support already. You rock.

0:44 - Intro
2:51 - Review: Watch the Throne
18:30 - Miami Marlins
27:42 - Wilson Ramos/Violence in Venezuela
48:13 - Review: Revenge (TV)
1:01:10 - Closing

*Visit Ana's jewelry line at*

These are the Air Yeezy 2's referred to in the podcast, and over which Colin continues to drool -

And these are Colin's Cole Haan "Strength Shoes". The symbol means strength in Japanese (and Chinese), so Colin calls them his "Strength Shoes". It's a pun. See, these are the original Strength Shoes. They're supposed to make you run fast and jump high, but Colin can already do both of those, so he just needed his feet to look awesome. They were a gift from Rich. Awww...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: Helping to Watch the Throne (11/14/11)

by colin

That sh*t really was cray.

I was fortunate enough to attend last night's highly anticipated Jay-Z and Kanye concert at the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, FL. I bought the tickets before the Miami show was announced (I live directly across the street from the venue, the American Airlines Arena. Ain't that where the Heat play?), but after listening to Kanye strain his vocal chords all night and even apologize that he was run down from the flight, I thought tonight's show might be canceled. If Kanye does manage to perform, I suspect it will be not quite as good as last night's. T'would be a shame, but I've gotta warn a brother.

My favorite stuff that happened at the concert -

As a loyal Lexus owner, not only did I take the I-95 "Lexus Lane" (nickname for Miami's toll lane on the highway) up to the concert venue, but I love the Bank Atlantic, since parking is free for Lexus owners, and not just because we're better than regular people, but also because Lexus is a major sponsor of the arena. There's a special Lexus lot, but it was full when I arrived, so I just parked with all of the non-Lexuses. Don't worry, I parked next to a Range Rover and right near a white Ferrari that was parked in a handicapped spot.

Upon entering Bank Atlantic, I immediately noticed that many people dressed in all black everything. Like me -

Well, all black mostly everything, at least. Surprised to break out my Rambo costume boots again so soon. They were a good purchase, it turns out.

Sitting next to me, in the nosebleeds as you can tell from the first photo, was a really, really old couple. They were at least in their 70s. I don't know if they were chaperoning their grand kids or what, but they were old. So old. If they had better seats, I might think they were the ones who parked their Ferrari in the handicapped spot.

About 45 minutes into the show, Jay-Z asked us if we were having a good time "thus far". That's bourgie ("boo-zhee").

Kanye wore a leather Roman centurion skirt. I actually like his style for the most part, but he certainly looks like a clown sometimes. And last night he looked ridiculous, especially when compared to Jay's effortless style (black pants, black boots/Air Jordans, black Yankee cap with alligator skin brim, black jacket). Kanye sported a seriously satanic goat Baphomet t-shirt (this) and a hideously ugly patterned jacket that an old Jewish lady might wear. I don't know what the deal is with all of that Masonic devil worshipping stuff from a guy who claims he's never going to Hell since he made "Jesus Walks". Whatever, dudes. Make that money. You're not brainwashing me. I'm not throwing my diamond in the sky. Sorry. Love your music though.

The show was incredible. Amazing lights and stage. The two megastars opened the show standing on two rising stages that were enormous cubicle LCD screens onto which were projected slow motion videos of wild animals (see above). There were lasers shooting all over the arena in waves and forming rotating geometric shapes. Strobes that pulsated over the rappers and projected their spotty images onto the large screens. An enormous American Flag that was unfurled for "Otis".

Energetic and enthusiastic performances from both rappers. They really looked like they were having a great time up there. Jay continues to impress me with how easy he makes it look. Never a mistake. Never straining himself too hard. Never concentrating to remember the lyrics. They just flow out of him in perfect rthym and cadence. I've seen him in concert before and it is awe inspiring.

Kanye, on the other hand, has to work a little harder, it seems. He closes his eyes a lot, I suspect to focus on the words that he is notorious for forgetting. He was already losing his voice last night, so I find it practically impossible to believe that he will fulfill his commitment to all of the ticket holders around North America. I'll be watching that.

No question that these guys work their asses off.

Highlight of the night was "99 Problems". Spectacular. If this show is coming to your town, I highly recommend that you buy yourself a ticket. Stay tuned for some live discussion of the concert on this week's podcast.

Yoenis Cespedes - The Showcase

by richmin3000

this is yoenis cespedes, the hot, somewhat young (listed at 26) centerfield prospect out of cuba. he left cuba for the dominican republic and teams will be giving him a ton of money this offseason as a free agent. early reports are that he will likely get more than aroldis chapman two years ago.

the baseball community has been abuzz since this video (which is essentially a highlight film and training video) came out a week or so ago. kevin goldstein from baseball prospectus talks about the video and then talks with cespedes' advisor in the links below, respectively.

*also a quick thank you to kevin for providing us with some advice to start our podcast essentially for free. baseball prospectus is one of the premiere baseball scouting and statistical analytical sites out there. "up and in" baseball prospectus podcast with kevin and jason parks is also a great listen (if you can take 2 hours of baseball scouting talk).

Review: New Girl (11/15/11)

by richmin3000

can we settle on an opening credit sequence already?

is it me or is justin long (aka the mac guy) the perfect love interest for zoe deschanel (jess)? they are equal parts cute, annoying and annoyingly cute.

the show has not really developed so far in its first season. deschanel is her usual hipster, cute, awkward self which is somewhat entertaining but gets pretty old quick when you have to see her on a weekly basis. the roommates are actually picking up some of the comedic slack and now that jess' hot best friend cc has gotten some more face-time, the better jokes are coming from the roommates' attempts to hook up with her. though, i do feel like the trio of roommates are a watered down version of the crew from "it's always sunny in philadelphia."

also, the sexual tension between jess and her roommate nick is starting to really heat up. not sure what's gonna happen there but i guess the showrunners will just see what how the viewers react to their chemistry before figuring out whether to go down that road.

all in all, this was a "meh" episode with the funniest stuff coming from schmidt's obsession with cleanliness. if this were an hour long drama i'd probably have stopped watching by now, but hard to pass on a 22-minute long comedy with a few decent laughs.

no hyperbole allowed rating: c+

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Reaction: Coach K Wins #903

by richmin3000

i'm a duke fan. there... i said it so don't go expecting any hate in this post.

only the truly cynical can really hate coach k. first of all, he's loyal. he played ball at west point under mentor bobby knight, coached at west point then went to duke where he's stayed for over 30 years. and it's not like he hasn't had his opportunities to leave. he was courted by kobe and the lakers to replace phil jackson and i'm sure has had several other people inquire into his services.

second, he runs a clean program. after all the nonsense that has gone on over the years in college sports, duke has not only run a clean program, but has been the best program in college hoops since the mid-80s.

third, his players graduate and are "good" kids. now being a good kid isn't all about the coach obviously and i think that the term can be construed poorly. but, the fact of the matter is that elton brand is the first player i can recall off the top of my head that left school early. even jay williams, who left after his junior year, went back and got his degree.

fourth, he built a program, a culture and cultivated it. everyone makes their decisions and i am not going to fault the nick sabans of the world. but, coach k went to a school that lived in the shadow of unc and dean smith and built his program up in that shadow into the a dominant force.

fifth, he led the us national team to olympic gold. now, it can be said that this should be a given but the previous team was unable to accomplish this goal to the scorn of us basketball fans everywhere. the players loved playing for coach k and it reinvigorated his fire for coaching.

sixth, he's a winner. four national championships in three different decades. four decades with appearances in the finals. eleven final fours.

now, coach k passes his mentor and friend bobby knight into sole possession of first place on the all-time list of winningest coaches in div 1 college hoops. i'm not going to argue against all the duke-haters who like to call them upper crust racists or annoyingly arrogant or whatever else haters can come up with. the bottom line is that coach k has excelled and excelled with honor, class and dignity. there are few that can boast such a claim.

congrats coach k.. you deserve it!

*if you're an espn insider you can read jay bilas' (a fellow attorney and former duke player) reaction to coach k here:

My Opinion: Penn State and Rushing to Judgment

by richmin3000

due to the sensitive nature of this story, i feel as though i need to make clear that i am in no way defending anybody involved in these alleged events.

as americans, we pride ourselves on being a country based on laws and the presumption of innocence. our due process laws try to guarantee that no one will be unjustly found guilty of a crime without proper evidence gathered under the strictest of scrutiny. this is rooted in the belief that it is far worse to find an innocent man guilty than to find a guilty man innocent. there are obvious pros and cons to this way of thinking.

however, this system of checks and balances, between effective criminal prosecution and protecting individual rights, is sometimes blurred by political motivations, public opinion and the 24-hour news cycle.

the truth, i find, is often difficult to see and is often blurred by our own biases. we are prone to make rash judgments based on limited information as if being the first to form an opinion or belief will be rewarded with a prize. and if we end up being wrong, there are million excuses that we can assert that alleviate any personal responsibility for the misguided accusations that may end up costing someone their reputation, careers or even their lives.

i am not blaming anyone, accusing anyone and certainly not defending anyone involved in this story. i accept that in this world we now live in, with the 24-hour news cycle competing against social networking media, the cost of due diligence and honest reporting can be too high.

i only believe, ask and possibly even demand that we be fair and honest with ourselves and those we choose to prosecute in the court of public opinion for it is very easy to forget all those that have been falsely accused in the past. we must remember that a news story is not fact, accusations are not fact and strange circumstances that seemingly point to only one obvious conclusion are not facts. we must also remember that we've only heard one side of the story thus far (sandusky was just interviewed by bob costas) and that even if there is a 99% chance that these allegations are true, that means there is still a 1% chance that they are untrue (or at least partly untrue).

IT IS INDEED POSSIBLE to investigate and prosecute someone to the full extent of the law without resorting to judgment and attacks. every person in a court of law is given the right to face their accuser and is presumed to be innocent. we are given these rights for a reason and just because our daily lives don't take place in a courtroom doesn't mean that those same principles can't hold true.

(for a further discussion of penn state and joe paterno, check out the first "no hyperbole allowed" podcast)

*to see the bob costas interview, you can find it and alan sepinwall's commentary at

Monday, November 14, 2011

Signs of the Apocalypse: NBC Chooses Whitney Over Community

by richmin3000

alan sepinwall (of just tweeted/blogged that 30rock is on its way back and will take over the thursday 8pm timeslot currently occupied by community.  in other related and disturbing news, whitney is staying on at 9:30.

what does this mean?  well, apparently community will be back later this season with new episodes but it doesn't bode well for the show and its loyal, yet less-than-massive audience.

i am obviously not happy about this news as community is one of the two or three best sitcoms on network tv right now, while whitney maybe the worst thing to ever happen to humanity.*

*note from the editor:  this post may contain hyperbole

Recommendation: Filmspotting

by richmin3000

this is my favorite film review podcast... they started podcasting in 2005 out of chicago.  they are smart and fun and offer some great insights.  besides keeping up with their latest episodes, i'm also working my way through their archives and am almost through 2006.

click here to get to their site.

Movie Review: J. Edgar

by richmin3000

watching j. edgar (the latest film by director clint eastwood and starring leonardo dicaprio), i got the feeling i was watching a glorified version of the history channel. the movie, like the shows on the history or biography channels, depicts the important moments during the career of j. edgar hoover, but does so at the sacrifice of a compelling narrative.

all of the characters and plot lines of the film offer no help in exposing the motivating factors of j. edgar's illustrious if not controversial career. naomi watts (helen gandy), for example, is introduced early in the film, is quickly courted by hoover, and when she refuses his advances, serves the rest of the film (and hoover's career) as hoover's personal secretary/confidant. the character sheds no light on hoover's personality or story other than to show that hoover had little social skills and lacked any real friends, a trait that (like many of the components of the film) is illustrated then never fully fleshed out in the narrative.

the other two main characters in the film offer a little more counterweight to hoover. armie hammer plays clyde tolson, hoover's emotional life partner if you will. this character, like helen gandy, mostly serves as a plot device that allows us to explore hoover's sexual preferences.

for any real psychological reveal, we must look at the relationship between hoover and his mother, played by dame judi dench. as i watched this film, i kept being reminded of hitchcock's psycho if only because of hoover's infatuation with his mother (and possibly some wearing of dead mother's clothes). their relationship helps explain some of hoover's anti-social, controlling behavior and possibly his disinterest with women, but, it offers no insight into hoover's career motivations.
in fact, it is never really explained why hoover became involved with law enforcement in the first place and why he felt the need to gain admiration or power. it's really unclear whether screenwriter, dustin black (milk) even cared about the why, which leaves the film feeling very shallow.

the film is a jumbled mess of a love story, a story of mommy issues, a historical retrospective and a mystery involving charles lindbergh's baby, which was by far the most entertaining part.  other films i thought about (besides psycho) while watching this movie were brokeback mountain (societal pressures v. man love) and public enemies (hoover discussing agent purvis after the killing of john dillinger). all three films are far superior to this one.

in sum, client eastwood directs another deliberate, slow moving film with some sweeping camera movements and random sharp angles of the character's faces during moments of distress.  i'd skip it unless you are locked out of your apartment as i was last nite and need something to do for a couple of hours.

no hyperbole allowed:  C+

imdb:  7.6

rottentomatoes:  40%

metacritic:  59

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Podcast: No Hyperbole Allowed (Episode 1)

After a four day delay, Rich and Colin are debuting our first podcast.  This week, we discuss the firing of Joe Pa, Herman Cain and TV shows.  The hyperlink to listen to the podcast is below.  We hope that soon (if not by the end of the day) everyone will be able to download the podcast directly from this blog or via iTunes.  Enjoy!!!!

0:20 - Joe Paterno
5:40 - Herman Cain
9:15 - Mad Men, Breaking Bad and TV
12:15 - Closing

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brief Intro

So, basically Rich is the straight man and Colin is the wild one. Rich spends a lot of time shaking his head as Colin opens his mouth, while he is speaking (usually at length), and after he has finished. Many people have been known to describe similar experiences when spending time with Colin. Rich is a patient man, so he usually has a smile on his face while shaking that head of his. Shaking Colin.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We, Rich and Colin would like to welcome you to our brand new website, "No Hyperbole Allowed". It's gonna be totally awesome. We'll talk about whatever is going on in the news and post it as like a podcast/radio show thingy. You can see that we're extremely eloquent, and we hope you'll tune in to listen to what we have to say.